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July 10, 2015: Submission deadline has been extended!

June 3, 2015: Submission Site open

May 29, 2015: IWDR 2015 Website open

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Workshop Description

Diminished Reality (DR) has been considered as a sub-technology of Mixed and Augmented Reality (MR/AR). While MR/AR means technologies that add and/or overlay visual information onto images of real scene for providing users to enhance their visual experiences with the added/overlaid information, DR aims the similar enhanced visual experiences by deleting visual information from the images of real scene. Adding and deleting visual information might be considered as same technical issues, but they are actually totally different. In DR, visual information that is hidden by the deleted object should be recovered for filling into the deleted area. This recovery of the hidden area is not required for general adding/overlaying based MR/AR, but should be one of the typical issue for achieving DR. Camera pose estimation and tracking is a typical issue in MR/AR, but the condition of the scene and required performance for DR are not always the same as MR/AR. For example, the object to be diminished/removed should be detected and tracked while the camera is freely moving for DR.


Organizers and Program Committee

  • Honorable General Chair: Hideyuki Tamura (Ritsumeikan University)
  • General Co-Chairs: Hideo Saito (Keio University), Fumihisa Shibata (Ritsumeikan University)
  • Program Chair: Yoshinari Kameda (University of Tsukuba)
  • Program Committee:
    Hideaki Uchiyama (Kyushu University)
    Norihiko Kawai (NAIST)
    Dieter Schmalstieg (TU Graz)
    Tomokazu Sato (NAIST)
    Itaru Kitahara (University of Tsukuba)
    Vincent Lepetit (TU Graz)
    Bruce Thomas (University of South Australia)
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